“An American Owner Didn’t Make American Fans”

“An American Owner Didn’t Make American Fans”

Next year, Formula 1 will have races in Austin and Miami on two Grand Prix calendars in the United States. The third American Grand Prix is ​​also appreciated as the game becomes more popular in the United States.

Good for the game

Bobby Epstein, the race promoter of the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, is also delighted with the arrival of the Miami Grand Prix. “I think it’s good to have more races per game in our time zone.”, Epstein explains AutoWeek.

Epstein argues that the two species should not be treated together. “I don’t think the impact will be huge then. Miami will sell easily in the first year and probably in the second year, but after that if we come quickly on the calendar the audience will split up.

Fame F1 is on the rise

In recent years, Formula 1 has become increasingly popular in the United States, mainly thanks to the Netflix series Drive to Survey. “There was excitement when an American company bought Formula 1, but being an American owner did not create American fans.” Netflix accelerated everything. “It is especially true that women and their entire family need to be appealed to and that young people are watching the show. We have seen a massive increase in the younger population that we all expected. ”

Third Grand Prix in the United States

Epstein therefore thinks that there will be enough interest among American fans for a third race in the United States. “I think there are a lot of places where this can work. Las Vegas is on everyone’s list right now, and I think it’s good for the game if it’s a reality.”

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