AMuS: Nico Hulkenberg is preferred as a replacement for Mick Schumacher at Haas

AMuS: Nico Hulkenberg is preferred as a replacement for Mick Schumacher at Haas

According to the German cars and sports Nico Hulkenberg will have the best cards to take over Mick Schumacher’s seat at Haas for next year. For a while it was thought Daniel Ricciardo might make the switch, but the German broker refers to “The Hulk” as a big favourite.

It seems that the days are numbered for Schumacher. Since the Great Britain Grand Prix, Schumi has found his way up. He got his first points at the World Cup at Silverstone, but there was still a lot of tension at the start of the year. This has led to transformations in Jeddah, but also in Monaco. The pressure was escalated, because Schumacher would cost the team more money than it would have earned. Relations with Ferrari were also slightly reduced. The initial idea was to prepare Schumacher for a seat at the Scuderia, but that plan appears to be gone.

Ricardo vs Hulkenberg

American Haas can choose between eight-time race winner Ricardo and Hulkenberg. Although the Australian is generally considered a better driver, the performance of McLaren in particular could cause some doubts. If 33-year-old Ricciardo is also not so good at Haas, the choice could be criticized.

So Hulkenberg would be a safer option for the American racing stable. After retiring in 2019, the German stood up several times as a reserve driver for Aston Martin. The fact that he needs so little time to level up will especially appeal to those in charge of Haas.

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