Amnesty International Report: Western countries apply double standards in the field of human rights | outside

Western countries apply double standards and do not adequately respond to human rights violations, which fosters impunity and instability. This is the conclusion of the human rights group Amnesty International in its new annual report on Tuesday. The criticism stated that “the international system for dealing with global crises is failing”.

The human rights organization acknowledges that Western countries responded quickly to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year, but laments that those same countries “turned a blind eye to or were complicit in serious abuses elsewhere in the world.” Amnesty International condemns, among other things, “the deafening silence on the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia, the negativity towards Egypt, and the refusal to address Israel’s apartheid regime against the Palestinians.”

The human rights organization concludes that these “double standards” enable countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and China to “avoid and ignore criticism of their human rights conditions”. “Reactions to the Russian invasion of Ukraine showed what can be done when there is political will,” said Agnès Callamard, Secretary General of Amnesty International. This response must be a blueprint for addressing all gross human rights violations.

Women’s rights

In its report, Amnesty International also drew attention to the global repression of dissidents in 2022, including in Russia, Afghanistan and Iran. She also points out that oppression and human rights violations often come at the expense of women’s rights. Amnesty notes, among other things, the situation in Afghanistan and Iran, but also condemns the US and Polish abortion policy.

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Amnesty International also calls for the strengthening of international institutions that protect human rights and calls for reform of the United Nations Security Council. We cannot allow permanent members who continue to veto and abuse their privileged position. “The lack of transparency and efficiency in the Security Council’s decision-making process leaves the entire system open to manipulation, abuse and dysfunction,” Callamard said.

The report concludes by highlighting some of the hopeful events of 2022. “We have witnessed notable acts of resistance, including Afghan women marching against the Taliban regime, and Iranian women in public without veiling or cutting their hair to protect themselves in protest against mandatory veiling laws.” Callamard says. Millions of people who have been systematically oppressed by patriarchy and racism have taken to the streets to demand a better future.

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