America's strict abortion law confirms

America’s strict abortion law confirms

Eva calls this change in Oklahoma horrible. “These are very inhumane laws and it does not lead to fewer abortions, but it does lead to unsafe abortions.” Women are looking for other techniques that could endanger their lives. Eva also points out that it is the poor in particular who are deprived of their rights because the rich can often have an abortion in some way.

The right does not disappear ‘completely’, but the abortion must be performed within 6 weeks, after which it is punishable. “It’s a theoretical law because most women only realize their pregnancy after 6 weeks. It’s practical because abortion is rarely possible.”

Anti-abortion organizations have a lot of influence

Sander wonders how this could develop in the Netherlands. “We’re really going back decades.” Eva notes that since Trump came to power, anti-abortion influence has spread from the United States to Europe and therefore to the Netherlands. Anti-abortion systems are very strong for a lot of money and strategically, so their influence is enormous.

Many misinformation is spread by these organizations. Opponents of the agency are more organized than those who support the agency during pregnancy. Because of this, Eva says we are losing the voice of women in the Netherlands about what women want about abortion and contraception. That is what is being asked more and more on social websites now. It is up to the woman to decide, no one else. “Putting those voices together, we have a strong voice for that freedom of choice, which is why we started Ava.” It is not yet clear how this will end in the United States. President Biden has already spoken out against the law, but the Supreme Court ruling is not due until June.

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