America's heat wave and we are ready to face the cold

America’s heat wave and we are ready to face the cold

In the coming days, you will read a lot in the media about a winter heat wave that will hit the United States and southern Canada, and then after those terrible winter hurricanes. Grid to plant … but in Europe we can expect gradual winter change. For example, with the last cover of the European model above. The wind is actually north or northeast. Then the Netherlands can fall in or out of the boat. After all, the North Sea is still warm.

The feathers are really imaginary. A branch is down on December 19th, and on December 23rd and at the beginning of the year the whole group is very low. No, not the Siberian states, but to some extent optimistic. We don’t need so much to climb on skates.

Branch of that snow that was fun from the Main Run on the night of the 23rd. Chances of snowfall are increasing around and after Christmas. But bone dry cold scenes are certainly imaginable.

Everything was fine last night. Verstappen is the world champion and models spitting out this kind of beauty. Moderate snowfall was recorded on December 28 on the left. On the right is the European model for December 22 with optimism. With significant Siberian cold. We are in pure meteor fiction and love me do not love me!

Take a quick look at the credible short-term for the United States. In the coming days the mercury will shoot there above 15ºC. Then quickly return to normal values ​​for the rest of the year. The first will be widely reported in the media. Can poison be ingested?

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And this is an event. Midwest mid-December is 20 degrees warmer than average. Canada is about 12 degrees Celsius, which means it will fluctuate around freezing. So we are not going to see bikini for New Year diving.

Wow, some beautiful things … Someone remembered a lot of snow in Veluwe 4 years ago. Who remembers?

Here is the confirmation.

Meanwhile, in Siberia, beautiful humans breed real human eaters. These days we are so nice and loving with nature. Animals act with gratitude even if they are of interest to you. Not much news today but donations are still welcome. Goes well with it. Very satisfied. has become a standard company. Thanks for that.

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