America's famous Christmas tree has arrived in New York

America’s famous Christmas tree has arrived in New York

A huge pine tree is transported to the city every year for this tradition. Last Saturday it was that time again: a ninety-year-old sapling about 25 meters tall arrived Big Apple. Now he proudly shows his place in front of the office building. Now all you have to do is wait for the decoration: the tree will have about 500,000 lights and a star with millions of Swarovski crystals.


This year it’s a home game for New York’s ascendancy. Spruce hails from Queensbury, a village in upstate New York. Last year, a tree from the state of Maryland was chosen for the display. “We hope everyone can enjoy it. To me it was just a tree, but now it’s a special tree,” said Neil Lebowitz, whose family donated the Christmas symbol to the city.

While many New Yorkers (and tourists) gather under the tree each year and can’t wait for the lights to come on, the tradition is receiving increasing criticism. Not everyone can enjoy the tree that Lebovitz hoped for. According to many protesters on social media, cutting down old trees is no more at this time.

Curious about wood? In the Instagram video below, you can see how this tree is coming to town. To see it in full outfit, you will have to wait a little longer: The tree is not lit until November 30th (after Thanksgiving).

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