American priests want to refuse communion with Biden on abortion position

American priests want to refuse communion with Biden on abortion position

US President Biden may refuse the Eucharist during church services in the future. US bishops at conference voted overwhelmingly to approve a document that could “rebuke” Catholic politicians like Biden for supporting abortion legislation.

It’s a thorn in the side for many pastors that Biden will advocate for the right to abortion, while at the same time being a regular visitor to Catholic Church services. So they believe Biden has no right to the Eucharist, which is an important part of Catholic teachings, in which visitors receive masses as a host.

Since the inauguration of Biden, the only Catholic president in American history after John F. Kennedy, bishops have been debating how to deal with him. There are clergymen who therefore wanted to create a “educational document” to give priests clarification on dealing with Catholic politicians who act contrary to the teachings of the Church.

The consequences are still unclear

Opponents of such a company fear that it will increase political divisions in the United States. For example, the Bishop of San Diego warns against “arming” the Eucharist. The Vatican also called for restraint to avoid sowing division in the Church.

Despite this, 165 bishops voted to approve the disputed document. 55 people voted against it and six abstained.

However, it remains unclear whether Biden will be denied handling in the future. A special commission would first investigate the implications of the document, in part because it went against the wishes of the Vatican. In addition, each bishop can give his own interpretation of the document.

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The Washington, D.C. Cardinal has already said he won’t reprimand the president.

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