American police discover a new identity for a notorious bank owner after 52 years

American police discover a new identity for a notorious bank owner after 52 years

US federal agents have discovered the whereabouts of a bank robber who was behind one of the most famous bank robberies in US history.

Theodore John Conrad worked as a cashier at a Cleveland bank in 1969. His colleagues last saw him on Friday, July 11 of that year. He came out of the bank that day with a paper bag.

When he did not return the following Monday, he doubted his superiors. The treasury lost $215,000, according to US media, compared to 1.5 million euros now. Taking the money just before the weekend, Conrad was two days ahead of his pursuers.

The case is not resolved. Therefore, the question of where he went became even greater. Police investigated California, Texas, Oregon, Hawaii and Washington, DC. Conrad remained without a trace, despite repeated interest in the case in real crimeTV series.


This breakthrough came after 52 years last week. It’s too late to arrest him. Theodore John Conrad died of lung cancer in May of this year.

He had been living near Boston under the name Thomas Randele since 1970. He was married with a daughter, worked for a luxury car dealer for 40 years and played golf. On his deathbed, he told his family who he really was and what he had done on July 11, 1969.

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