American Formula 1 champion ...

American Formula 1 champion …


American Formula 1 champion …

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17-11-2021 15:00

V.malafronte | Max Verstappen wins American Formula 1 title. Damn, American title? Yes! If points were awarded to the Grand Prix in the United States (United States, Mexico and Brazil), what would that be like? Request for the introduction of regional topics.


To determine the American champion, we add up all the points earned by drivers in the United States, Mexico and Brazil. We calculate the points on the fast lap and the points that will be distributed on Saturday after the sprint qualifies in Brazil. Fourteen drivers collected points in the United States, with which we can add a good list.

Max Verstappen will not only lead the World Championships, he will also be the American Champion. His wins in the US and Mexico and second place in Brazil he has 70 points. Lewis Hamilton continues with 62 points. Sergio Perez is third with 43 points, so more than a place in the World Championship. Charles Lecklerk is fourth and two places better. Voltaire Potas finished fifth, while he finished third at the World Championships. Behind Potos are Carlos Sains, Pierre Casley, Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel. Lando Norris finished in the top ten. With 113 points, Red Bull could easily overtake Mercedes with 113 points, taking only 88 points. The gap with Ferrari, who scored 55 points, is very small.

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2021 US Champion Max Verstappen is ahead of runner-up Lewis Hamilton.

In addition to the US title, more regional titles may be provided. Think of a European title, an Asian title and a title for the Middle East. To do this, compile more races based on geography and place all the races directly one after the other in one area. This way you will get a real championship in big stages. Further entry is not difficult. The company, meanwhile, must monitor the score and announce the winner.

Extra tension element
Nice and beautiful, such a regional ranking, but what good is it? Nothing at the moment. This is not an official title, but it may change. First, it is a matter of honor. Drivers get an extra degree for fighting. Even ‘regular suspects’ can suddenly fight for a regional interim title with a few good races. See for example Leclerc’s good score in the United States. In addition, a strong series is rewarded. Drivers who have flown well for a few races in a row are appreciated for this.

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Ferrari and especially Charles Leklerk are doing better at the US Championships than at the World Championships.

To make it more interesting, you can think of a significant reward, extra prize money or, most importantly, extra points. In a championship like 2021, the differences between title rivals Verstappen and Hamilton will be less, and regional titles and related extra points will be more encouraging. This ensures that drivers progress when they reach the regional level. This leads to more commitment and action at work. Think of this as an additional element of tension. Of course, the number of points should not be too large, because you will punish the driver with a few bad races. In the beginning, three to five points can be a fun experiment. So it resembles an extra point on the fast lap. A good side effect, but one that can make a difference at the end of the season.

Full results of the US Championship
1. Max Verstappen70
2. Louis Hamilton62
3. Sergio Perez43
4. Charles Lecklerk32
5. Voltaire Potos26
6. Carlos Science23
7. Pierre Casley18
8. Daniel Ricciardo10
9. Sebastian Vettel7
10. Lando Norris6
11. Kimi Rக்கோikknen 4
12. Stephen O’Connor4
13. Fernando Alonso 4
14. Yuki Sunoda2

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