American company attracts employees with free housing

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A plumbing company in the state of Florida in the United States offers two free homes to employees. Through the stunt, the company’s director wants to give employees a new dimension to the appreciation for their work, he says. Orlando Chantinal.

The United States also has a severe staff shortage. Companies are looking for imaginative ways to attract and retain employees. “If we take care of our people, they will do more for us than any other business model,” company president Jason James told the American newspaper.

Employees who want the chance to win one of the homes without a mortgage must have been on the job for at least a year. In addition, they must follow a course of learning how to handle money, and they must devote twenty hours to their municipality by volunteering.

The director says he thought of other types of compensation, such as giving his employees a car or a vacation. “However, many employees still do not have a house, but rent it. Now they are getting a financial education, they are learning to own a house and they are doing something for the community,” he told the newspaper. The company has booked $ 500,000 (approximately 443,000 euros) for the competition.

The draw was announced at a corporate meeting earlier this month. The winner will be selected in December 2022. All employees of the company have been hired since last summer when the company was founded.

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