American Cal Fisher, a volleyball player with a great arm, is coming to Lycurgus in Groningen. ‘I could have played volleyball before I could have walked’

American volleyball player Cal Fisher – “a boy with a great arm” – will play for Samin Lycurgus in Groningen next season.

With the signing of the tenth player, the Premier League team selection process is starting to take shape. The 24-year-old played for Penn State University in America for the past five seasons. “Lycurgus has been drawn to my attention by her mathematical successes in recent years,” says Fischer. And because of the opportunities for young players like me to develop their talents as a volleyball player. I’m really looking forward to playing Lycurgus.”

Describes himself as a player: I think I have the basic skills in order. I have a fast arm and like to think offensively. I also have an abusive mindset, so to speak. My goal is to grow with the culture of the club. I want to help the team to be dominant in the competition and of course to win titles.”

Coach Arjan Taj: Everyone has ambition

Lycurgus coach Arjan Taaij is already enthusiastic about his diagonal, who will fill the position with Thomas Sleurink, who has already been recruited: ,, Cal Fisher is a very dynamic, fast, full left-handed diagonal with a fantastic arm. He has excellent serve and blocks defensively and has a wide arsenal of offensive possibilities. Cale is also someone with ambition, who has the right mindset to achieve something. ”

Fisher has developed into an important player in the All-American Student Competition in recent years. He scores highly in the statistics of various ratings. This is especially true of serving aces and killblocks. The American hit nearly two hundred aces in more than a hundred games in five seasons. Last season, he reached the semi-finals of the National Tournament with Penn State, where Hawaii was very strong at 3-2.

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I could play volleyball before I could walk

Fisher was born in Pittsburgh, Northeastern United States. I could play volleyball before I could walk. Volleyball is the sport in my family, so I actually grew up at the gym with my dad, Chip, and my mom, Charlotte. The latter is played in Switzerland and Albania.

Six-foot-tall Cal Fisher started out playing soccer at the Pittsburgh Volleyball Club. Then he went to college in 2018 to play at the college level. He has now graduated in kinesiology and decided to play outside for the first time.

Lycurgus’ selection now consists of ten players: outfielders Cal Fisher and Thomas Solorenc, passers-by: Kyle McCauley, Martin Bartels and Joss Boyer, quarterbacks: Luc Hofhuis, Robin Boucaudt and Arjan Westra, playmaker Sam Gorczak and libero Jeffrey Klock.

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