American Beyoncé fans are flying to Sweden because of the very expensive concert tickets

How far will you go? Watch Beyonce? Dozens of American fans flew 15 hours to Stockholm, Sweden for the concert to see her perform.

Beyoncé announced hers a while ago Renaissance World Tour In 2023. One that fans have been waiting for a while. Tickets went on sale on Ticketmaster on February 6, 2023, and hundreds of thousands of fans were online and in line. They are eagerly waiting to get tickets for the tour. People who didn’t attend a concert in their home state or city bought a ticket somewhere else.

Ticket prices in Sweden vs. America

Dozens of fans fly from it Beyoncé’s tour kicks off in Sweden in May. Tickets in Sweden are significantly cheaper than in the US. On top of that Website of the Stockholm location It says you can get tickets from 650 SEK – 1495 SEK, which changes from €58.64 to €134.88,- there is. Much cheaper than the US where many fans are around Paid $160 (€150.35) for a regular ticket. Some fans paid almost $3000 for a VIP front row ticket, which would never go crazy in America.

For these gifts, fans chose to combine the concert with a holiday. But why not Sweden and the Netherlands? Air ticket prices also play an important role here. You’re already on a flight from Washington DC to Stockholm for 400 euros during the concert. You have already paid almost €800 for Amsterdam.

Playing a character, her world journey definitely starts in Sweden. Some fans insist on seeing his already legendary show first, so choose to travel all the way to Sweden rather than anywhere else in Europe.

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