America is concerned about the climate.  That is the biggest benefit

America is concerned about the climate. That is the biggest benefit

Mona Loa’s numbers are incessant. At this volcano in Hawaii, about 4,000 meters above sea level, Charles David Keeling began measuring the concentration of CO on a daily basis in 1958.2 In the atmosphere. In the first measurements, it continues to this day, giving the longest continuous data series in the world, with 313 parts of CO in the atmosphere.2 Per million (ppm). The concentration has now reached about 417 ppm. On average, it is now 1.3 degrees warmer than it was a century and a half ago.

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This permanent increase in CO2 Despite all the promises to reduce emissions to a safe value – mainly through the use of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas – it has not come to an end.

In recent days, at a virtual climate summit hosted by US President Joe Biden, many countries have added new ambitions to their previous promises. The most important are from Biden: the United States will reduce its emissions by 50 to 52 percent between 2005 and 2030, more than double what President Obama promised in 2015. $ 2,000 billion in funding should make it possible. Thus giving a strong signal that the United States has returned to the international climate chart.

The signals form the basis of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. There is no other way, no international authority to enforce climate policy. The pressure to reach and sharpen goals is the highest achievable. Those who show the least ambition will be ashamed – internationally, but increasingly even among their own people. Because concerns about climate change are on the rise.

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Major polluting America

The return to the United States is significant after President Donald Trump stepped back from climate talks. Not only because the goals of Paris could not be achieved without the great polluting America. But because America is essential in the game of forces.

Fitness Climate Ambassador John Kerry, who was deeply involved in the creation of ‘Paris’, showed this week that he has not forgotten the game. Returned American. Kerry denounced countries that hide behind the status of developing countries (India) that use too much coal (China, Australia), and do not protect their forests (Brazil) or show very low ambitions as a rich country (Japan). , Canada). Under the leadership of the United States, the world will find a way out of climate change, the news.

Critics see this as an overestimation of Americans, who must first put things in order at home. As the last four years have shown, no other country can accept the international role of the United States.

China’s new climate leader …

As they promised immediately after Trump took office, the fact that they will continue to have ‘Paris’ is certain for the arrival of the European Union and China. But the two climate powers have no American commitment to lecturing each other and others. Although China presented itself as the leader of the new climate, it was too introverted and diplomatically inexperienced to fulfill that role. Europe does not want to name pain points, but should continue to talk until they are massaged.

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“No country can solve this crisis on its own,” Biden said Thursday. His climate summit proved that negotiations are still alive. As geopolitical tensions escalated – from concerns over Navalny and Uyghur rights to fears of conflict in Taiwan and Ukraine – none of the invitees left. Biden’s Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warned that human rights could not be bought with climate promises, and did not deter anyone. Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin are also absent. They were all there, and they all made new promises.

Although they were half-hearted. The United States did not use the internationally relevant reference year in the 1990s, but in 2005, when the U.S. emission peaked, it stuck with the idea of ​​’halving emissions by 2030′. The question is whether Biden’s investment package will escape through Congress. Japan made it even more colorful by choosing 2013 as the key year to cut by 46 percent by 2030. By 2030 Canada will not have received more than a 40 to 45 percent reduction.

Russia’s CO Putin sought to cover up the policy deficit by pretending that2Emissions are the result of serious action, not the collapse of Soviet industry. He pointed to Russian acres of forest, which, according to him, contained high levels of CO2 Absorbs, a boon to the world according to him. President Bolzano insisted that he was doing everything he could to protect the Amazon.

… and the biggest polluter

Besides the biggest polluters, China is also the biggest risk. The country comes from afar and does a lot. But that is almost not enough Also completes the Chinese Academy of Sciences In a study published in the journal Science on Friday Science. Currently, China is building more coal-fired power plants than closing the rest of the world. At the climate summit, President G did not talk about the decline in coal use, but about the decline. Development Of that application. “We are at a different stage of our development than the EU and the United States,” G said.

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At the G7 summit, the Arctic Council, the G20 and the World Economic Forum will continue to discuss climate. All promises will be taken into account during the climate summit in Glasgow in November. It will be clear there if a maximum of one and a half degrees warming is in sight. With his orgasm, Biden resumed wheel work.

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