America has a captain |  Golfers Magazine

America has a captain | Golfers Magazine

Johnson, 46, is the successor to the successful Steve Striker – the winning captain in 2021. Both are from the US Midwest. Striker from Wisconsin, Johnson from Iowa. Strictly speaking, from Cedar Rapids.
His team can already be considered a better option and he has a good chance of becoming the first captain to win the Ryder Cup for the Americans in Europe after Tom Watson (1993).
Zach Johnson has won the PGA Tour 12 times. His first hit came in 2004 at the Belshout Classic in Atlanta. His last win comes from July 2015. In the old syllabus at St Andrews, he defeated Australian Mark Leishman and South Africa’s Louis Ostuysen in the play – offs.
This is Johnson’s second big hit. In April 2007, he failed to double any par-5 for the Green song in Augusta. That attitude brought him success in The Masters.
This is the generality of his game: sober, but effective and always flying the ball from right to left. He has amassed $ 47 million in 455 games.

Johnson has played in five Ryder Cups: 2006, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016. Only his last match was won by the American team. In addition, he played for the US Presidential Cup, winning 12 teams in 2007, 2009, 2013 and 2015.
At the 2018 and 2021 Ryder Cups, Zach Johnson had a valuable different experience, serving as vice-captain for Jim Furik and Steve Striker respectively. In 2019, Zach Johnson played the same role under Captain Tiger Woods at the Melbourne Presidents Cup. There is no doubt that Johnson will be heavily involved in this year’s Presidents Cup. Davis Love Quill leads the American team in Hollow.
U.S. qualification will begin in part in 2022 and run until mid-August 2023. The top six in the rankings will qualify. Like Steve Striker in 2021, Zack Johnson has no less than six wild cards to forgive.
Nothing is known yet about the European captain and it has something to do with the Super Golf League. According to the DP World Tour, whoever chooses that circuit cannot be the Ryder Cup captain.

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