America can be reached in five hours by supersonic flights

America can be reached in five hours by supersonic flights

In 2003, Concorde built its last supersonic passenger plane. While it could cross the Atlantic in a few hours, the Concorde was always too expensive, too inefficient and too noisy. So if you want to take an epic road trip in America nearly twenty years will fly by at a snail’s pace. But that will change in the future. American Airlines has ordered twenty supersonic aircraft from Boom.

This is about the Overture, which can carry 65 to 80 people at a speed of 2,100 km/h (Mach 1.7). That means a flight from London to Miami should be completed within five hours. This is twice as fast as the currently planned fastest flight. In total, there should be 600 runways. A supersonic aircraft does all of this with sustainable fuel and thus emits no additional CO2 below the overture line.

The first flight of the supersonic aircraft is scheduled to take place in 2026, followed by the first passenger flights in 2029. Supersonic aircraft still have restrictions. You are not allowed to break the sound barrier in most places on land. So the Mach 1 should mainly reach over seas and oceans.

It is not yet known how much a ticket for a flight in Overture will cost. At that time, a ticket to Concorde was significantly more expensive than a ticket for an ordinary plane. Fortunately, you still have plenty of time to save. You can rent a good car immediately.

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