Amazon refrain from developing open-world game Lord of the Rings |  right Now

Amazon refrain from developing open-world game Lord of the Rings | right Now

Amazon game studio no longer develops a game based on the Lord of the RingsTrilogy, the company reported on Saturday. The reason for the cancellation was a dispute between the Amazon game studio and the Chinese tech company Leyou Technologies Holdings, with which the internet giant would develop the game.

Tencent Holdings acquired Leyou Technologies Holdings in December. Subsequent contract negotiations with Amazon over the project led to a dispute between the two tech companies, who have now completely abandoned the game.

In 2019, Amazon announced its transformation into an online role-playing and open-world role-playing game (MMORPG). the Lord of the RingsTrilogy by JRR Tolkien.

In the MMORPG, players can take on a character and explore a large virtual world. Many of the popular titles in the genre are based on fiction, such as World of WarcraftAnd the Everquest On fate.

According to the American company, the Amazon developers who have been working on the game will be placed in other projects.

Since founding Amazon Game Studio in 2014, the company has been struggling to start playing video games. Earlier it was on all games Separation On crucible Will be canceled. Announced new world He faced delays time and again and they have not yet been released.

Andy Gacy, who will succeed Amazon founder Jeff Bezos as CEO of the company later this year, said earlier this year that he still believes in the company’s gaming division.

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