Amazon plans to destroy fewer unsold and returned items

Amazon plans to destroy fewer unsold and returned items

The US company will make it easier for companies selling through the platform to resell returned products or unsold shares. company It offers sellers two options.

First, there’s the FBA Grade and Resell program. Sellers will have the option to resell the returned products labeled “used”. Amazon determines the status of the item and then provides it with the corresponding qualifications. This ranges from “good as new” through “very good” and “good” to “acceptable”.

Revealed: Millions of items destroyed

This option will be available in the US at the end of this year, and in Germany, France, Italy and Spain early next year. It is already possible in the UK.

Perhaps the latter was not accidental. in June onthulde ITV News Amazon has millions of new unsold laptops, televisions, drones, headphones, and hair dryers that are destroyed every year.

Buying unsold shares

Another option is the FBA Liquidations program, which allows sellers to attempt to reduce losses on returned or unsold items through Amazon’s own infrastructure. Then it is bought by other companies, for example.

Until now, such a product had to be returned to the seller, who could also decide that Amazon could donate it to charity. The company said that by selling these items in bulk, this complex process could be eliminated. This is already possible in the United States, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. This option is also available in the UK.

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