Amazon employees refuse to form unions

In the United States, e-commerce giant Amazon took a big hit for the homeland on Friday. The majority of Alabama facility employees voted against setting up a union. Supporters of the initiative question the result.

Jeff Bezos must have breathed a sigh of relief on Friday. Reports indicate that the majority of employees in the Beasimer, southeast Alabama office, have refused to create a consortium that has reached the CEO’s office of the e-commerce giant Amazon.

The initiative has banned the United States for weeks. The mood was historical, because the branch in Bessemer could sign for the first time: it was the first Amazon branch in the country to receive employee representation.

Online sales blast

Calls to found a union began to mount last year when the Corona pandemic spread to online sales. In order to meet the increasing demand, a tighter work rhythm has been imposed on Bicemer employees. Meanwhile, there have been concerns about SARS-CoV-2 infection in the workplace.


Amazon employees

5,805 Amazon branch employees in Alabama were given the opportunity to comment on forming a union in February and March.

The personnel involved sought support from the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store (RWDSU) consortium. At his instigation, 5,805 Amazon branch employees in Alabama were given the opportunity to comment on forming a union in February and March. 3,215 of them seized this opportunity.

Illegal behavior

Although RWDSU does not accept defeat. Syndicate challenges the election results. “Because Amazon was guilty of illegal behavior and was not previously heard of during the vote,” RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum said Friday.

According to him, the company has urged US Post to place a mailbox on Amazon. “For example, it pressures employees to vote right away and it’s not the place where they can evade company control,” she added.

Amazon was guilty of unlawful conduct and no one heard about it during the vote.

Stuart Applebaum

RWDSU President

RWDSU also refers to employee complaints. They testified that Amazon had made clear to them the “harmful consequences” of joining a union during mandatory group meetings and in one-on-one conversations.

The e-commerce giant refutes the allegations. We have organized informational sessions so that employees can understand the facts of the union’s creation. Mailbox was a simple, secure, and optional way to make voting easier.

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