Amateur club Spakenburg beat FC Utrecht 1-4 in the quarter-finals of the Cup Championship

FC Utrecht and Spakenburg finished seventh in the competition. Utrecht in the Eredivisie, Spakenburg in the second division.

Already in the 12th minute, Wimelio Fink put Spakenburg ahead. Suddenly he took the ball on the shoe after a cross from Luke Admiral and passed goalkeeper Vasilis Barkas.

After nearly an hour, Spakenburg continued to advance. The Admirals broke through after a chipped pass from Floris van der Linden and finished the game in controlled fashion.

reward for work

The reward for a good start was coach Chris de Graaf’s formation, who also made a nice attempt to take the lead through Marc Veenhoven. Now save Barcas. Utrecht didn’t get more than two chances in the first part. Anastasios Douvikas tapped the ball wide, and a header from Hidde ter Avest just didn’t have enough momentum.

Then Anastasios Douvikas scored for Utrecht (1-2) after an assist from Sander van de Strick. But moments later, Spakenburg got the sidelines again, courtesy of Macys Artin. Later, the disgrace of Utrecht was completed with Spakenburg’s fourth goal, by van der Linden.

The second club

Spakenburg is the second club from the village of Bunschoten-Spakenburg to reach the quarter-finals of the cup tournament. In 1975 the great rival IJsselmeervogels also succeeded, which beat AZ, among others. In the semi-final at that time, which was held in Deventer, Twente was very strong. VVSB also reached the last four as an amateur club in 2016.

Coach Michael Silberbauer was not on the bench at FC Utrecht. The club announced that the Dane was ill. He was replaced by Aleksandar Ranković. Taylor Booth was also missing. The American midfielder is troubled by his shoulder, but Utrecht expect him to be back on the field soon.

Spakenburg pulled off a major stunt earlier in the tournament by eliminating FC Groningen.

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