Alyssa, 30, was suddenly told she was going to die, but was going to Metallica on Thursday anyway: “So grateful!” | internal

Alyssa continues to fight and now aims to survive as long as possible. To her family, friends and boyfriend who continues to support her through thick and thin. At the same time, she also had to be honest: Some things just didn’t work anymore. Going to a concert, for example. And this is a bitter pill for a “musical animal”. “Loud music, especially guitars, is my life. I am a real festival goer. Love bands like Rammstein and Sabaton a lot.” And yes, Metallica, of course. “It was so upsetting to let go of Metallica. I had been looking forward to it for so long. Was so excited to see them for the fourth time. This new album is really great, and tonight is the first show of the tour. It was great to experience it again.”

She gets the idea to approach Ambulance Wens, an institution that grants patients’ last wishes. Didn’t expect much from him. Until the phone rang on Tuesday. It was Ambulance Ones, with good news: Alyssa can go to Metallica with stretcher and all, just a stone’s throw away! “I felt like a little kid being released on the playground for the first time. I am so happy, so grateful that this is possible. It is indescribable.

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