Alonso hekelt dominantie Mercedes: "Die man krijgt 25 plaatsen gridstraf en wint alsnog"

Alonso decries Mercedes dominance: ‘This guy gets 25 places from a penalty and still wins’

Fernando Alonso had Mercedes control. He calls it bad for the sport in response to Lewis Hamilton’s result in Sao Paulo and is hoping for a change.

Hamilton was able to slide around the field with a new engine on Saturday and Sunday at Interlagos as if he was driving cars of a different race class. Alonso was also shocked by the force majeure that his former teammate was able to win in Sao Paulo. “Everyone was surprised. This guy punishes 25 places on the grid and still wins the race,” the man who himself managed to win the world championships in 2005 and 2006 looks surprised.


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“No sport should be run this way,” Alonso grumbled. “We are all professional drivers who are dedicated to this sport. We train a lot and work in the simulator. Plus, we risk our lives every time, only to be behind without a chance. It is the only sport where something like this is possible.” Refers to the difference in materials.

Compared to basketball

He continues to lament one of his now famous comparisons to other sports. “Their car was superior this weekend. It’s so frustrating for the other drivers and young kids. It’s really like making one basket a lot bigger than the other in basketball. If you have to throw in the smaller basket, you always lose,” he says finally.

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