All the highlights of Glastonbury 2024: UK

All the highlights of Glastonbury 2024: UK

Special Guests

As befits festivals, musicians on the lineup often bring surprises to their festival performances, and for a festival like Glastonbury, artists often dig deeper to create great collaborations.

The reveal brought none other than Sam Smith to work together. Breakthrough hit “latch”But star Dua Lipa brought it too. radical optimism Producer Kevin Parker (yes, the guy who represents Tame Impala on his own) is on stage. Because she really wanted to “pretend she was in Tame Impala.” They’re not singing Dua Lipa’s song together, but they’re singing it. The iconic figure “The less I know the better.” Or Jimmy xx, the current 3FM megahit holder, who suddenly has his own world-famous band. Twenty reunion. The collaboration seems to be continuing.

But the highlight came from Coldplay, who brought their hero (and the reason they became a band in the first place) on stage: actor Michael J. Fox, known, among others, for Back to the future Trilogy, who has Parkinson’s disease and is therefore no longer able to dance and move as he used to. But in a wheelchair, he can play “Fix You” on his guitar. The end result is so incredibly beautiful that you have to experience it in its entirety.

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