All Stars & Zonen Season 2 and recordings continue at the end of 2022 |  to watch

All Stars & Zonen Season 2 and recordings continue at the end of 2022 | to watch

BNNVARA . series All stars and region He is definitely getting a second season. The series is about the children of football players from the origin all Stars However, they won’t be included until the end of 2022. Director and writer Jan van de Velde’s report is quite a logistical puzzle scheduling all the cast at the same time.

The entire cast is set to return from the first series. first series All stars and region It attracted, looking back, about a million viewers per episode.

All stars and region It tells how the characters of the old movie and series work these days all Stars From the nineties and their children. successful movie all Stars From 1997 about a group of men in their thirties who were playing soccer together in their spare time. These men are now in their fifties and have handed the football torch to their sons. Football players have since become club waiters or cashiers.

in a All stars and region Actors from the original series have returned, such as Daniel Boasvin, Danny de Monck, Remy Sambo, Peter Paul Muller, and Thomas Acda. New actors such as Tom van Kalmthout, Yannick van de Velde, Soundos El Ahmadi, Joes Brauers and Alex Hendrickx have been added to the old cast.

Watch the show’s videos and entertainment below:

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