All Holland Bakt Lynn participants clash with Robèrt multiple times

All Holland Bakt Lynn participants clash with Robèrt multiple times

In the first episode, the bakers work on the “cake” theme, and each of them has to present a classic old Dutch model: the cream cake. And this is very difficult without, for example, gluten or lactose. One of the ten candidates is a vegan baker and there is also a candidate with a gluten allergy. But only Janny and Robèrt like it, because there are already ten unique copies.

Technical tour at the same speed. The bakers have 50 minutes to make 6 pink cakes. A tough job, because: How do you get a very nice and firm fondant on the cake without dripping? For some, the task is too difficult, because Yannis and Mary have never seen a pink cake, let alone made one! Panic reigns in the tent. “I have absolutely no idea what to do. I’ve never seen them, never eaten them. So it’s real to me…”, laughs Greek Yannis. Although Marie did not grow up in the Netherlands, Janie and Robert rated Marie’s cakes as the best.

Finish off your amazingly baked weekend with at least 40 Madeleines built. The bakers use all their creativity and make sure all 40 have a “belly”. They only get 3.5 hours to do this, so the participants have to work hard (point meant). The result may be there. from swan to artichoke; Everything will pass. “I’ve never heard you give so much praise in all these years,” Janie concludes when you think after tasting all the cakes. “I think this is our top stock so far, as a group. It looks nice, the flavors are good, the technology is good. It’s going to be a tough year for us.”

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However, not everyone is waiting for Robèrt and Janny’s comments. Pregnant Lynn, in particular, seems to have an excuse for everything. For example, she did not use very little whipped cream, but someone “stealed” her cream and the Madeleine was not dry, but they were there for a while. Maybe it’s the hormones..?

For all the talent, one person stands on his head and shoulders above the rest: 25-year-old Zainab. “I’m speechless, because the level is so high. So becoming a master baker in the first week is really cool,” she says.

Presenter Andre Van Doyen did not have good news for the 33-year-old Seham: she should be the first to leave the program. However, she will not give up. She believes that “amongst the many recordings in the top ten is also a very special feature”. “It’s a shame, but it has to be the first person. I thought it was very fun to get involved, it’s very special and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.”

Hall Holland Bucket It can be seen every Saturday at 8.30pm on NPO1.

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