All eyes are on Silver Fox Gavin Newsom, 56, the likely replacement for Joe Biden.

All eyes are on Silver Fox Gavin Newsom, 56, the likely replacement for Joe Biden.

Welcome to the DNCs Patrick Bateman era

The biopic was actually played by Bradley Cooper, without the need for a prosthetic nose. Anyway, Gavin Newsom (56) So. In fact, it looks a bit like a younger Donald Trump. a light On the other side of the political spectrum, but with a longer career as a career politician and a relatively shorter career Career as a businessman.

Newsom is the current governor of California and served as mayor of San Francisco from 2004 to 2011. His rule is mainly about fighting Homelessness.

In 1991, with an investment from “family friend” Gordon Getty (grandson of oil tycoon Paul Getty), he started the PlumpJack Winery chain of wine stores. Gordon Getty said of Newsom,As a son“He invested in 10 of Newsom’s 11 companies because of that relationship. Newsom’s personal wealth was listed early this year at approx. $20 million This is far from the personal capital that makes you, like Trump, so impervious to donor pressure.

Then what are we? Featured I know a little about him. In 2006, when he was 38, he had a relationship with a 19-year-old model and waitress. Brittany Mounts. In 2007, the video below was filmed, in which he apologizes to everyone for his 2005 affair with Ruby Rippy Turk wife His campaign manager resigned the day before this public apology. In February 2007, Newsom entered treatment for alcoholism and in July 2008 he married film director Jennifer Siebel Newsom – They have four children together.

Then let’s talk about his very likely next nomination. He has been expressing in the most grandiose way for about a year how competent, honest and inclusive Joe Biden is: “I’m old school, I talk about loyalty. I would go to the ends of the earth for this man.

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First of all, no one believed it at the time. And secondly, this is of course exactly what you want to say for a year before passing the torch.

And it’s likely to go something like this: Joe Biden, in his most poignant and poignant speech yet, admits that he did everything he could, but it’s time to admit that time has caught up with him. Newsom will watch this with tears in his eyes, and then Joe Biden will invite him to the stage and hand the banner to Newsom.

An increasingly asked question: Was this the first such presidential debate? Exceptionally early in the year Will it be held so that there is enough time if it turns out that the public and the Democratic National Committee think Biden has no chance?

If so, then Gavin Newsom was of course part of the plan all along, and never had to defect to the Democratic Party. Primary elections With Lesser Gods earlier this year.

Footnote 14:10 – Newsom’s ex-wife Kimberly Guilfoyle (2001-2006) He was dating Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. (2018-engaged 2020) for years. Newsom says he and Kimberly haven’t spoken in years.

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