Aletia Ymkje (Julius 486) is the provisional crown and breeding day champion in the United States

Aletia Ymkje (Julius 486) is the provisional crown and breeding day champion in the United States

Left Champion Alethea Yemke (Julius 486), Right Reserve Champion Lily Fleur (Nene 492)

Six-year-old Aletia Yemcje (Julius 486 x Ulbert 390) was crowned champion at the study in Shipshewana, Indiana, USA on Saturday, October 1st. The Ted and Tina Vanderkooyen mare advertised her foal book with a first premium to the sire, and then judges Will Thijsen and Franz Smits presented her with the provisional crown. In his IPOB, he has already scored 7.5, with a total of 74.5 points.

Champion of the day: Aletia Yemke (Julius 486 x Ulbert 390).

Reserve Championship went to Karon Osborne’s three-year-old Lily Fleur (Nane 492 x Weird 409). Young Lelie Fleur received a star with first premium.
Three-year-olds had two more stars. Juliet KFF sire (Thorben 466 x Reinder 452) and Jubilee HHF sire (Julius x Fritsche 423) were the second premium sires.
Among the foal book mares, five-year-old Davina (Julius 486 x Deutzen 420) and four-year-old Ivy B Steer (Norbert 444 x Deutzen 420) from the Gemini sire received the second premium.

Steer of four studbook mares, three daughters of Julius 486

This is a very successful study for studbook mares. No fewer than four have been promoted to sire from the studbook by the sire Julius 486: Abby Stonecreek sire (Julius 486 x Onne 376), Claudia from the Gemini sire (Julius 486 x Mintze 384), Dena of Boonstra Friesians 486 x Tsjalke 397) and Iris KCF sire (Hessel 480 x Beart 411) who scored 8 for trot and 8 for her conformation.

First Premium Crown mare

Crown mare Vivian Gruen AAA (Ben 476 x Karst 362) received an invitation to the next round, but did not make it to the model. Another foal this year is eight-year-old Vivian, who scores 84.5 in her ABFP, scoring 8 in walk, trot and suppleness.
Magnus B (Alvin 469 x Norbert 444) won first premium among Twente stallions. Among the older stallions, the six-year-old Bauke K. Ster (Fabe 348 x Fridse 423) was already a Ster, and Elias’s Dream Ster (Norbert 444 x Sipke 450) received a Ster.

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Maximum score IBOP is 79 points

Maaike van ‘e Hiltsjemuoiswal Ster AA (Reinder 452 x Jillis 301) has the highest score with 79 points for IBOP taken by Frans Smits and Wil Thijssen. However, the beautifully crafted Maaike lacked quality footwork for his promotion to Groone. Marianne E. who scored 77 points. An AA was awarded to Anton CJF Steer AA (Julius 486 x Ulke 338) from Watson. Now six-year-old Bauke K. Ster (Fabe 348 x Fridse 423) – winner of the Friesian Talent Cup in 2020, 10 for trot – van Erin Miley scored 76 points.

Four first premium foals, three times Julius 486

Four cubs received an orange ribbon. Among the colts, the first premium was Vincent HHF (Julius 486 x Tonges 459) from Hopeful Harvest Farm. This breeding stable also had a first premium among fillies: Violet HHF (Julius 486 x Doaitsen 420). Third Julius 486 foal with first premium – and 8 for the trot – was Vrouwke Reina M (Julius 486 x Doaitsen 420) ridden by Bert van der Mat. Also earning a third filly championship ribbon with first premium: Dinek B (Mainte 490 x Norbert 444) van Klaas and Mares Vanderbloek.
On a beautiful and successful inspection day, the judges saw a beautiful presentation of four stallions living in America: Tonges 459, Wilster 463, Hessel 480 and Julius 486.

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