Albanian Labor Party leader sworn in as Australia's new prime minister

Albanian Labor Party leader sworn in as Australia’s new prime minister

Two days after the election, Anthony Albanian was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Australia. The 59-year-old Labor leader has vowed to embark on a new path. He wants to focus on fighting climate change, the rising cost of living and inequality.

The Social Democrats were in opposition for nine years. Labor lost votes but became the largest party because Scott Morrison’s Conservative Party lost so much. He announced his resignation as soon as the first results appeared. Small parties, which focused on the theme of climate in their campaigns, made a profit.

The swift swearing-in of Alban, and a few other ministers, is remarkable. It is not yet clear whether Labor can count on a majority. According to the latest statistics, the party is a little less, but the final result may take days; Many postal votes were not counted.

Al-Albani has already been installed as the new prime minister because he wants to participate in a summit in Tokyo, which will also be attended by President Biden, Japanese Prime Minister Kishida and India’s Prime Minister Modi. The two countries together form the “Quartet” to counterbalance Chinese hegemony in the region.

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