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Remedy Entertainment has announced the release of Alan Wake 2. This successor to 11-year-old Alan Wake will be released in 2023. The new game will be a survival horror game, which will deviate greatly from the first game.

On the PlayStation Blog Sam Lake points out, the creative director From Remedy Entertainment, to the dark, nightmarish ending of the original Alan Wake. He argues that this game is about the laws of drama and that the story can only continue if it becomes a difficult journey for the main character.

Lake says it’s been a tough ride for Remedy, too. Later in this context, he spoke about the process of obtaining the green light for the project and its financing, which apparently did not go without hurdles. Alan Wake 2 has been working on for some time by a small team, with certain concepts coming up, but the project is now in full development by a much larger team.

Alan Wake’s first game had some elements of horror, but it was primarily an action game, in the form of a third-person shooter. On the other hand, Alan Wake 2 will primarily be a survival horror game, although Lake says the new title will feature primarily Remedy’s vision of the genre. He says he has the opportunity to connect gameplay and story in the form of a deep, multi-layered puzzle.

The game will be released in 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and S, and the title will also be available on the Epic Games Store. The exact release date has not been disclosed.

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