Ajax play ‘exhibition game’ with AFC Richmond from American league Ted Laso

Ajax play ‘exhibition game’ with AFC Richmond from American league Ted Laso

Obviously, this is not a real competition. Or well, in series. Ajax says it has been working on it for a year and a half. The ‘exhibition game’ was recorded a year earlier. The images haven’t leaked yet, so we’re pretty excited! This episode can be seen in the Netherlands from Wednesday 19 April at 3:00 am. Via Apple TV, by the way.

You don’t like it at all Dead Lasso heard? In the series of the same name, he is the coach of an American football team in the United States. However, he made a significant move to England. There he is appointed as the coach of a football team. As an idiot American he stands in the middle of British culture. A sports coach doesn’t really have any knowledge.

The series takes a playful look at the sporting cultural differences between the US and the UK. We are now in the final season. Ratings are flying through the roof. It is currently the largest series in America. The show took home no fewer than eight Grammys last season. Never before has one series received so many Grammy Awards. So it’s very unique.


Come to the new edition of Café Ajax Life!

Where does Ajax play? Well, Ted Lasso travels to Amsterdam with his team last season. His team will train against Ajax there for all of us. Great Ajax. Is it a scene? Johan Cruyff Arena. Naturally! The white-red-white men’s cast from adidas, so it’s not like suddenly seeing Dusan Tadic in the film. As far as we’re concerned, that shouldn’t spoil the fun.

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By the way, Ajax hung a canvas in the pub from Tuesday’s series, and it really is. You can see that canvas with beautiful text in the photo above. This is a message from our club to Ted Lasso. A nice wink. Good luck too.

A spokesperson for Ajax says they are satisfied with the stunt: “Getting a foothold in the US has always been a challenge for Ajax. Now with America’s most popular series, we’re re-establishing our name. In the Netherlands it might not be more than ‘nice’, but in the US it’s a really big deal. That’s why we’re so glad it’s coming to fruition.

Did Ajax win against AFC Richmond? We know nothing. So take a quick look!

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