AI reaches the bottle: AI sommelier can identify wine

AI reaches the bottle: AI sommelier can identify wine

Artificial intelligence will soon be able to help you choose a glass of wine. A study from Bordeaux University (yes, really) shows that artificial intelligence can recognize and infer the chemical profiles of wine.

Scientists used gas chromatography in the research. This method is used to separate gases and liquids. This made it possible to analyze the chemical composition of 80 red wines from seven wineries in the Bordeaux region of France. They analyzed 12 harvest years, between 1990 and 2007.

The researchers then used machine learning algorithms to look at the raw, unprocessed results and group the wines into groups based on similarities in their chemical composition.


Researchers found that this AI-powered sommelier can group wines into groups based on the winery with up to 100 percent accuracy. The model had a bit more difficulty in harvest years, with accuracy reaching 50 percent.

Researchers are now looking for bartenders who want to compete against an AI-powered bartender to determine who is the best in practice.

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