Agent Wayne Cousins ​​Accused of Murdering Sarah Everard: Who is he?  |  Abroad

Agent Wayne Cousins ​​Accused of Murdering Sarah Everard: Who is he? | Abroad

Earlier on Friday, police confirmed that the body found Wednesday was that of Everard. She disappeared on March 3 while walking in her hometown of London. Earlier this week, 48-year-old Couzens was arrested. His wife was also arrested on suspicion of complicity. She was released on bail.

On Wednesday, police reported that the officer had been arrested on suspicion of murder. As an agent, Couzens is responsible for the security of Downing Street, where the Prime Minister, the British Parliament and the embassies, among others reside. According to the police, the man was not working when the woman disappeared. British newspaper the sun He writes that the man completed a six-hour shift at the US Embassy about 90 minutes before he last saw Everard three miles away.

The officer was taken to hospital on Thursday from a head wound he sustained while in prison. After treatment, he was taken back to the police station.

Three days before Everard’s disappearance, London Police were to be charged against Cosin for the parade. He is said to have shown his genitals to a woman in front of a fast food restaurant. Despite the complaint, the man continued to work. The police are now investigating the complaint and checking whether colleagues have acted correctly. The accident is said to have been filmed by CCTV and have also been reported by meal takers.

Police will also investigate camera photos taken by a bus camera that walked along Everard Road on the night the woman disappeared. A vehicle linked to the suspect was also detected by a dashboard camera. Police say it is unlikely that Evard and Cousins ​​got to know each other before the woman was killed.

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I wake up in the park

Many women share stories on social media in which they say, among other things, that they are afraid to go out alone at night and what they do to feel safe.

Thousands of women announced that they would hold a vigil in the park that Everard passed through just before her disappearance. During this meeting, they want to remain silent for one minute for Everard and the other women who have been killed by violence. According to the organization, the police initially allowed the meeting, but later reported that the vigil violates Corona rules and can lead to heavy fines.

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