Afrojack not prosecuted for tax fraud |  backbite

Afrojack not prosecuted for tax fraud | backbite

Afrojack is no longer suspected of tax fraud. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) cannot prove that the DJ intentionally submitted incorrect tax returns, his lawyer reports.

The criminal investigation against the DJ, who is actually named Nick van de Wall, has been discontinued. The 35-year-old DJ has long denied tax fraud and says he’s glad he’s no longer a suspect.

The case began in 2018, when FIOD (the Investigation Service of the Tax and Customs Administration) inspected several properties of a tax consultant. The consultant and his clients suspected him of providing incorrect data. Afrojack was one of those clients.

The study looked at Afrojack’s income tax returns. The tax advisor would have used favorable facilities in the tax havens of Cyprus and Guernsey. Therefore the DJ is not registered as a tax resident in the Netherlands. But the IRS disagreed.

Afrojack has previously stated that he leaves his tax returns entirely to his team of his manager and three tax advisors. The DJ did not sign his statements himself. These were drawn up and introduced by his advisors.

Afrojack has received additional ratings of over €2 million. For this, DJ reached a settlement with the tax authorities.

The investigation with the tax advisor is still ongoing and is in its final stage, as confirmed by the Public Prosecution spokesperson, after being informed by the Fad. The public prosecutor will soon decide whether or not to prosecute. Tax fraud is punishable by a maximum of six years in prison.

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