Afro hairstyle swimming cap is not welcome in the Olympics |  the Olympics

Afro hairstyle swimming cap is not welcome in the Olympics | the Olympics

A special swimming cap for swimmers with afro hair will not be allowed at the Olympics later this month. FINA has a request for “sol cap” Lower his voice. “No swimmer has ever requested a hat like this,” the union said.

The rejection is news in the UK. There, Alice Deering recently became the first black British swimmer to qualify for a GB team at the Olympics. They will be held in Tokyo later this month. Dearing is a leading figure in the Soul Cap Company, which makes shower caps for swimmers with very long or thick hair. Their motto isGreat hair care“.

However, the FINA denied Soul Cap’s request for an official swimming cap certification. The British newspaper, among others, says the hat “would not fit the natural shape of the head” Watchman. “To our knowledge, athletes competing in international competitions have not requested or used a hat of this size and shape.”

‘not included’

The rejection came against the sore leg of the British Black Swimmers Association because it “takes athletes away from their background”. This is not a comprehensive decision. It goes against the message of diversity that other sports federations are trying to convey, Danielle Obi, president of the federation, told Sky Sports. She says it is very difficult for swimmers with an afro haircut to find a suitable hat.

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