Afghan broadcasters still appearing on TV with face coverings on Sunday |  right Now

Afghan broadcasters still appearing on TV with face coverings on Sunday | right Now

Female anchors of Afghanistan’s largest news channel appeared on television on Sunday under pressure from the Taliban, wearing face-covering clothes. In doing so, they are still following the orders of the jihadist rulers, after they ignored the dress code on Saturday in protest.

The so-called Ministry of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice has called on Afghan TV channels to impose a dress code from Saturday. Previously, female television journalists were only required to wear a headscarf.

In protest, the channels broadcast TOLOnewsShamshad TV And 1TV Saturday all three live shows where presenters are not covered. Presenter Sonia Niazi says in “We resisted and were against wearing face coverings.” TOLOnews against France Press agency† “But TOLOnews She was pressured and told that any presenter who still appears on screen without covering her face should get another job or simply be fired,” Niazi said.

also TOLOnewsDirector Khbulwak Sabai says the channel was forced by the Taliban to follow orders. “I got a call yesterday and was told in strict terms that we have to do it. So we are not doing it voluntarily, but under duress,” Sabai said.

A ministry spokesman indicated, Saturday, that the women risked being expelled if they did not follow the order. Men also run the risk of losing their jobs if their wives or daughters go against the dress code.

Fewer women’s rights

At the beginning of this month, Afghan women were ordained to wear the burqa in public, as happened during the first Taliban regime between 1996 and 2001. During that period, women in Afghanistan were also not allowed to work or go to school.

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After taking power in August, the extremist Islamic organization said it intended to respect women’s rights in Afghanistan. But in recent months, a ban on girls’ education has been announced.

Afghan women have also been banned from appearing on TV soap operas since November, and since March they are only allowed to board the plane if they are accompanied by a male family member. All kinds of restrictions are being introduced for women, especially at the local level.

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