Admission to intensive care is very difficult

MONITOR IC WORLDWIDE The first scientific study The health of former ICU patients is monitored using questionnaires for up to five years after admission to the ICU.

It was followed by researchers led by Radbodomek 246 patients were admitted to the intensive care unit in the Netherlands between March and July 2020 with COVID-19. The average age of the 176 men and 70 women was 61 years.

A year after they were admitted to the intensive care unit, former Covid-19 patients received questionnaires to see how they were doing. The results show that They still had symptoms three quarters of a year after they were admitted to IC. This relates mainly to physical complaints: half of the patients experience fatigue, others have decreased condition, pain, muscle weakness and shortness of breath.

stress anxiety

In addition to physical complaints, mental complaints are also common. One fifth of patients experience feelings of anxiety or post-traumatic stress. A sixth has cognitive complaints, such as problems with memory or concentration. Dr. said. Principal investigator Marieke Zeiger of Radbodomic.

Is there a difference with Patients with other complaints intensive care was lying? Regarding physical and cognitive symptoms, both groups often had the same complaints‘ says Zeigers. Former covid-19 patients It turned out to be a little less She suffers from psychological symptoms, but she mentioned then again More problems back to work. More than half of patients are unable or completely unable to resume work due to complaints. They start working less, are still on sick leave after a year or give up their job.

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