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(AGENPARL) – Monday, January 24, 2022 [Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap]Final exam for additional modification for high school students
January 24, 2022 – 6:00 pm
For many students and schools, this school year will also be different from what they would have liked due to the coronavirus. For exam students, this means that the course towards the final exam comes with obstacles. Although many hurdles have been taken in recent years, this has implications for the final exam period and the mental state of students and teachers. Given these circumstances, candidates are given the option not to count a single subject for their exam, just like last year’s class.
Minister Denis Wiersma (Primary and Secondary Education): “Due to the quarantine and cancellation of classes, unfortunately this school year is different from usual. This is very important. High school, which for some students has encountered more than half with the epidemic, has experienced enough obstacles. For this The reason I want to give final exam students the same opportunities this year as last year’s class. Through this additional modification of the final exam we are giving students the opportunity to get a full and good diploma if they need it. In this way we also help them to take a step towards a bright future in further education” .
two sitting
Students are allowed to cross out one non-essential topic, which is called the rule of thumb. This should not be a core subject, such as Dutch, English or mathematics. The final mark of the crossed out box does not count in determining the result, but it will still be visible in the list of marks. This allows students to continue into secondary education. Dismissal is only possible if the student is still able to pass. It was previously announced that exam students will have two exams and that there is an additional period for students to publish their exams.
The Minister calls and draws students to use removal only if it is really necessary. “It is important to prepare yourself as best as possible to continue your education and pass all of your courses. If your markup list shows that it has not been successful at all, you will have the opportunity to benefit from this scheme, just like last year.”
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