Activision announces Kernel-Level anti-cheat system for Call of Duty on PC – Games – News

We now know that cheaters cannot be thwarted, it is the nature of the beast. Partly for this reason, flagging cheaters and letting them play on cheaters’ servers only is a very good solution. However, the implementation is often very straightforward, and the best way is not to mention this type of functionality in any way so that people don’t realize it and keep cheating against fellow players cheating. The longer they do this, the better for the human being playing a fair role.

If you tag people, it means that they have already ruined at least one game and have been running around a little longer.

I don’t play all games, but the last game with anti-cheat that prevented cheating when cheating was detected was in C&C Renegade and I wrote this function myself, max victim = 1.
In addition, cheaters can now play for weeks as a game developer “tactic” to play the game with cheaters to make it as inconspicuous as possible about the cheating that issued the ban. It costs more victims than having to play one game and then put it on another server with featured cheats.

Tagging cheats is an original solution of course, but you can still get into the game. The ban should be a deterrent, because you lose your money with what you invested in it.

Notorious cheaters have plenty of options to continue what they were doing on another account almost for free. Ban doesn’t fix anything these days, even for paid games. It is actually a good idea to let them access and put them on separate servers without any prior notice to keep them separate for as long as possible without them noticing.

In addition, these servers of course cost money, and cheaters generally spend little money

I don’t have fixed numbers, but it wouldn’t surprise me that the consequences (loss of income), among other things, the legitimate player numbers and expenses of these players (which are reduced because there are many cheaters) cost more. From running a few servers to cheaters.

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