Accused Hans Niemann wins a game of chess and sneezes: 'This game speaks for itself' |  other sports

Accused Hans Niemann wins a game of chess and sneezes: ‘This game speaks for itself’ | other sports

“This party is a message for everyone,” Neiman said. It all started when I said that chess speaks for itself. I think this party spoke for itself. It showed what kind of chess player I am, no matter what pressure I’m under. That’s all I have to say.”

Then the American refused to answer the questions. “I’m sorry, that is. You can interpret it however you want. This was a great match, and I won’t say anything about it.” The US Championship runs until October 20.

Niemann recently caused a stir by defeating Carlsen in a tournament. Shortly thereafter, the Norwegian coach stopped his match against the American in an online tournament after just one movement and turned his screen black. Carlsen accused Niemann first indirectly and later publicly of cheating.

The American previously admitted that he cheated on the Internet twice, when he was 12 and 16 years old. However, chess website reported this week after an investigation that Niemann had received illegal assistance in more than a hundred online games. Even in tournaments that involve prize money.

FIDE is conducting an investigation into Carlsen’s allegations and Niemann’s statements.

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