According to the oldest bank in the United States, 77% of family offices are interested in Bitcoin

According to the oldest bank in the United States, 77% of family offices are interested in Bitcoin

A new survey by BNY Mellon shows that 77% of family offices are interested in or have already invested in cryptocurrencies.

Customers are bank positive

The Mellon Corporation Bank of New York Is one of the oldest in the United States. Over the past year, as an investment bank, they have often shown interest in bitcoin. Today they announced a partnership with Blockchain Analytics company Synalysis.

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BNY owns $ 46.7 trillion in assets under management (securely) and heavily converts to Bitcoin. They are active in 35 countries and have assets of over $ 2,000 billion Assets under Management (AUM)They are also part of Grayscale’s plan to convert trust funds into ETFs.

The bank now says family offices are not ruthless to bitcoin. About 40% think that crypto is an important investment strategy. More than 66% of them plan to buy more cryptocurrencies in the next 12 to 24 months.

The BNY Mellon study surveyed 200 participants. Of these, 56 are single-family offices and 144 are multi-family offices. They each own at least $ 150 million in assets they manage.

Global interest

Half of the respondents were from the United States. The remaining companies are from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Italy, Germany, India and Brazil. The bank sent the questionnaires from October 14 to November 8 of the previous year.

Cryptocurrency family offices see an important trend that they do not want to miss. The main reason they see this as a good investment is (logically) mentioned.

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