Accessible reissue to champion future thinking for women in science

Accessible reissue to champion future thinking for women in science

Anna Maria van Schurmann (1607-1678) occupies a unique place in Dutch history: she was the first woman to attend university lectures. She had to be behind a barrier to prevent her presence from distracting others. In 1641, she published A Progressive Call to Women’s Science, which earned her international fame.

Who is this A message on women’s eligibility for knowledge A beautiful re-release has been released and is now accessible. Her thesis is still worth reading, although we shouldn’t do it with ultra-modern glasses. Science was considered the preeminent means of attaining true knowledge of God and was limited to the scientific practice of Christian women. Some notes are surprisingly recent. Take the four signs that a scientist must meet: she must have above-average intelligence, have the necessary resources, and be able to free herself from home and not go out for vain fame but to help her peers advance. The National Network of Professors continues the Van Schurmann mission.

Anna Maria Van Schurmann: A Treatise on Women’s Qualification for Science. Translated from the Latin Rene ter Haar. Introduction by Angela Rutan. Composition of Jacob Bowman. Nordic book 16.90 euros.

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