About 700 Dutch people in Afghanistan: 'We depend on the United States'

About 700 Dutch people in Afghanistan: ‘We depend on the United States’

According to Sikrit Gokin, there are still more than 700 Dutch people in Afghanistan. Among them, for example, were people who came to visit relatives at the time of the outbreak of suffering.

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But right now, the airport in Kabul is the only way to get out of Afghanistan safely. That airport is guarded by Americans. “We really need Americans,” Cock says. “We depend on them and their military presence.”

France has been busy for months

Earlier, Sigrid Gock acknowledged that he had misjudged the situation in Afghanistan: “Our expectation, which has now become naive, is that the Afghan military will be more resilient or ready. We do not see that coming.” It “surprised all the international community,” he said.

But it turns out that it is not so. France has been trying to expel people from Afghanistan for months, and it is clear today. Hundreds of people recently flew to France by an airlift. Because there was an expectation that the Taliban would seize power. So it happened. The French eviction plan was already fake four months ago.

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