About 10% of people suffer from IBS, but you can control it | correct

One in ten people suffer from intestinal irritation. There are ten reasons for this, says GP Karolien van den Brekel, when a reader asked her if there was a medicine for her. In this section, our experts answer a reader’s question each week about health, nutrition, relationships, and other topics.

Karolien van den Brekel: People with irritable bowel problems (also known as irritable bowel syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome) mainly suffer from abdominal pain and cramps, but also have stool changes. They often suffer from bloating and flatulence.

I see a lot of people with IBS in my office hours. It is estimated that it occurs in 10 percent of the Dutch population, and more often in women than in men. The most important thing is that you understand what is going on. It is not dangerous, but it is particularly difficult. You can get a good grip on it yourself If you know of any food, life circumstances or other factors, such as stress, that affect your gut.

I often leave the picture on Thuisarts.nl/prikkelbare-darm-syndrome-pds, people understand what is happening in their bodies. Also on the website of Gastrointestinal Foundation Lots of explanation: There are ten reasons Thus also starting points for doing something about it yourself. If you start working with that, you will learn to deal with it better and suffer less. For example, your gut may contain certain bacteria. Or: your gut is squeezing together too much.

It may be due to exercising or getting too little exercise. In the latter case, you may suffer from constipation. You can use medicines against this, for example sachets containing fiber. But you can do it Nutritional modification also relieves your complaints. You can try other (natural) remedies in consultation with your doctor or dietitian. For example, peppermint oil, probiotics, or hypnotherapy can help. My reading advice in this case Fine food machine charm the intestines From Julia Enders.

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