A woman reported sexually offensive behavior to The Voice in 2018 |  right Now

A woman reported sexually offensive behavior to The Voice in 2018 | right Now

A woman said she reported sexually dissenting behavior in 2018 Holland sound, attorney Sebas Dijkstra confirms to NU.nl. That’s pretty cool, because John de Mol has always said that he only reported the violations on the show in April 2019.

Dykstra does not yet want to say who was guilty of the infringing behavior and to whom the woman was reported. He can only say that the woman submitted the complaint to someone produced by De Mol’s Talpa media company.

It is unclear whether the person inside Talpa conveyed this to De Mall, or whether the media mogul lied at the beginning of this year. In the Angry-Broadcasting At the time the abuse surfaced, he claimed he was only made aware of alleged sexual misconduct on a talent show in April 2019. De Mol was in charge of the TV show until 2019.

According to Dijkstra, after her complaint, the woman was told she “was the thousandth in two years”. The lawyer said he is helping the woman and that she is still considering filing a complaint.

According to the lawyer, the woman’s report was “apparently buried, without properly picking up”. The same appears to have happened with the report on band leader Jeroen Rittbergen’s sexual misconduct in April 2019.

De Mol was told about this in the presence of Rick Brugg, who was working for him at the time and now works for ITV. “The press release in which he said ITV did not know anything about him is incorrect,” Dijkstra said. The production company then announced that the law firm Van Doorne, which had been operating on its own, was also investigating whether people inside ITV had known for some time.

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Talpa is amazed by Dijkstra

Talpa told NU.nl that he was surprised Diekstra did not first report to the company for a hearing, “but again the way is sought first through the press”.

“We have nothing to add to the previously released data,” a company spokesperson said. “As mentioned, we are aware of one case of infringing behavior that was appropriately handled at the time.”

“As long as it is not clear what exactly the complaint was, where and when it occurred and to whom it was reported at that time in 2018, it is impossible for us to respond to this. One thing is for sure: this never got to the management.”

The spokesperson also said that Talpa is secretly awaiting the various investigations by the official authorities.

OM has launched a criminal investigation

There are now six police reports against at least Rietbergen, coach Ali B and the soundDirector Martin N. In April of this year, the Public Prosecution Office announced that it had launched a criminal investigation with four suspects.

The Public Prosecution Office said it expected this investigation to take “a long time”. After investigation, it is decided whether there is sufficient evidence to prosecute the suspects.

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