A survivor is found on a ferry near Corfu after a fire broke out

A survivor is found on a ferry near Corfu after a fire broke out

One of the missing persons on the ferry that caught fire on Friday near the Greek island of Corfu has been found alive on board the ship. This was reported by the Greek Ministry of Shipping. Eleven people are still missing after the massive fire that broke out on the ferry that sailed from Greece to Italy.

The firefighters were only able to board the ship today. This was impossible before, given the enormous heat that came from the ship.

According to Greek media, the passenger who was found is most likely from Lithuania. The man was at the back of the Euroferry Olympia ferry. Greek television showed pictures of a man using a ladder to transfer him from the ferry to a lifeboat.

The fire broke out on Friday morning and there was still a lot of smoke rising from the ship. It is not clear if the fire has since been put out. The ferry was towed by tugs to Corfu and almost reached the port of Kassiopi.

The cause of the fires is still under investigation.


Greek media reported yesterday that on the ferry 292 people on board They are: 241 passengers and 51 crew members. There may be stowaway passengers on board. There were no two rescued people on the passenger list: an Afghan and a Bulgarian.

Of the remaining eleven missing, three are from Greece, seven are from Bulgaria and one is from Turkey.

Most passengers have now landed:

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