A police station in America is buying 17 Ford Mustangs with V8 engines

A police station in America is buying 17 Ford Mustangs with V8 engines

Maybe look at Police Ford in the Netherlands and ask if they can supply a few Mustangs while ordering the Kugas. In the US state of South Carolina, the Richland County Police Department sets a great example. The police department there has received seventeen new Ford Mustangs.

The sheriff explains to the newspaper State Why Mustangs were chosen: ‘These are hot cars. Children and adults love to see them and then come to the car and start talking to the companion. This was done with the intention of attracting people to a vehicle that says who we are and what we do.

So cars are a kind of ice cream for building relationships with people from the community. You might wonder if you need seventeen, but given the chance as sheriffs, we know too. Police’s Ford Mustang GTs are powered by a 5.0 liter V8 engine that delivers 566 Nm and 492 hp in the US.

Great place to chase

Richland County is not a small town anywhere in America. You should see a district as a province. More than 425,000 people live there, so suddenly seventeen is no longer an exaggeration. We’re not saying you should break the law, but if you’re planning on doing it anyway, this is the best place to chase a car.

By the way, prices in the US are a little different than here. Over 2 million euros have been lost for police Mustangs here. There they will not cost at least 131,000 euros each, but the equivalent of around 39,000 euros. According to the sheriff, the cost is about as much as a large SUV commonly used by police in the United States.

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