A polar bear spotted in an unusual place in southern Canada

A polar bear spotted in an unusual place in southern Canada

A polar bear had not been seen before in the area south of the Saint Lawrence River.Photo by AFP/Sophie Bonneville

Whether it is actually a polar bear has not been officially confirmed by researchers. They compare the paths of the monster and try to locate the monster at the moment. “I have seen a picture in which the bear is clearly visible and it is white. In terms of color, it is the right color,” said Joel Cottier, the mayor of the village, Against CBC News† “But I’m not a professional.” Besides black and brown bears, Canada also has white bears.

Everyone is wondering how the polar bear could have ended up south in Madeline Center Village, where there is still so much snow at the moment. Swimming, on an ice floe? Even Canadians north of the Broad River can’t remember seeing a live specimen roaming their area.

good swimmers

He’s almost certain it’s a polar bear, says Dominique Berteau, a biologist at the University of Quebec. According to him, it could be a stray polar bear that was on its way from the cold east of Canada (Labrador) to the north. It is not surprising that the beast swam across such a wide river. “They are great swimmers,” he said. They can cover a distance of 100 to 200 kilometers.”

The white predator, which is increasingly foraging south due to global warming, was caught in the garden of a house in the village of 2000 in the morning. The resident, paying attention to the barking of her dog, managed to photograph the huge beast. “No one has seen anything like it here before,” an eyewitness told AFP. “People thought it was a joke.”

Police urged anyone who sees the animal not to go there themselves, but to call 911 immediately.

The imprint of a suspected polar bear's paw.  Photo by AFP/Sophie Bonneville

The imprint of a suspected polar bear’s paw.Photo by AFP/Sophie Bonneville

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