A place for Leiden Hofgesconserten and the United States online this year ...

A place for Leiden Hofgesconserten and the United States online this year …

The New Jazz Band will perform on May 22 with artists Peter Beats (piano), Anna Seriers (voice) and Joris Rolofs (clarinet). A different concert is included for May 23, which will be performed by the Warmlink Quartet, trombonist Sebastian Kemner, flute player Kirt Chatrou and pianist Phygo Dutocom, respectively. This day’s program will end with DJ Nothing Toulouse.

Organizer Michael von Westering says New World concerts are a place for American music, in the context of the Leiden 400 pilgrimage year. “It was in 2020, but then all sorts of things interfered. That’s why we’re still doing this this year.”

Eurovision Song Contest

Hofgesconserten is in a slim-down form and is conducted only in the evening. “Saturday night is the night of the Eurovision final, it’s a bit exciting, but we think it’s a different audience, so it’s good.

The most important American composers are discussed. “Duvok is the only non-American, but he has lived in the United States for a long time. The New Jazz Orchestra begins with Leonard Bernstein, some excerpts from ‘The Westide Story.’ Summer Time by George Gershwin follows. “We’re done with it.”

Art flute

The next day is on the Warmling Quartet show, Duok’s Twelfth String Quartet ‘The American’, Samuel Barber’s Adajio for String Quartet and Ebert Kemner’s Sextet for String Quartet, Trumpet and Flute. Van Westering: “Synthetic flute is a unique combination of trombone and string quartet. A world debut. ”Before starting DJ, you can listen to Figo Dutocom with Philip Klaus ‘distant film’.

Musicians are five feet apart, and stream access is free. “So it cost us a lot of money, but we wanted to give our audience concerts. We hope for a small donation that will ease the pain.”

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Tickets and additional information can be found here www.leidsehofjesconcerten.nl

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