A nightclub in a row house is driving the neighbors crazy at Mr.  Frank Visser

A nightclub in a row house is driving the neighbors crazy at Mr. Frank Visser

Rhea has been unable to sleep with a wink for several years due to the extreme sides of her neighbour. Every weekend it goes on until late hours, all in the backyard of a listed house. Rhea tells her story: “As soon as I hear the scooters and cars coming in the evening, I think the misery begins again. It’s a ball again.”

According to Riya, sometimes twenty people pass by, sometimes they are dropped off by taxis. “Sometimes I sleep four…five hours a night, that’s the limit. And when there are parties, I rarely sleep at all,” she says. According to Riya, no conversation is possible with her next door son and he is only teasing her. “I wonder if he’s okay.”

In addition to the noise, Riya is also annoyed by throwing glasses over the fence and thinks that she has been hacked by her neighbours. “I sent a complaint to the housing association about nuisances and parties from neighbors, and the moment I wrote and emailed it, a warning came with a different email address,” she explains. But this is not the worst for Riya: her husband was so angry at all this inconvenience that he decided to leave her after 30 years. She tells her story as she cries “he couldn’t take it anymore”.

The boy next door, Robbie, admits he’s partyed in the past, but has long since stopped partying. Moreover, nowadays it is no longer possible to drink beer in the backyard, because the neighbor is already screaming from the bedroom window. This puts a lot of pressure on the atmosphere during a fun-filled evening. “Actually, no one bothers us except one person,” he says. However, Rhea feels that she is in the middle of a nightclub and there is no longer a festive mood. so it is time for that mr. Wesser will restore peace in the tent once and for all.

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The quarrel has been going on for years and has a huge impact on Rhea’s life. Feelings rise while hearing. Although Rhea insists she was hacked by her neighbor, one expert says she didn’t. It only suffers from spam. So Master Visser doesn’t blame Robbie, but forbids him to use the backyard after sunset – except for five parties a year, which are announced with a note.

Since Rhea admitted that she deliberately made noise to harass her neighbor, Master Visser also made a number of rules. Anyone who does not comply with this must pay a fine of €100 for each violation, up to a maximum of €500.

Mr. Frank Visser makes a statement It can be watched every Thursday at 8.30pm on SBS6. Watch the episode here Back.

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