A new investigation into the cause of hundreds of destroyed homes on the Toets channel

A new investigation into the cause of hundreds of destroyed homes on the Toets channel

Overijssel County has launched a new investigation into the damage caused to hundreds of buildings along the Almelo de Handrik Canal. The research is being carried out by research agencies Deltares and TNO, which will investigate whether removing the substrate of silt before canal deepening is a direct cause of calming homes.

A field investigation takes approximately five to eight weeks. In order to be able to take measurements over a longer period, special tools are placed in the ground. Digging must be done for that.

A previous study by Deltares and TNO showed that in many cases it cannot be proven that the damage to homes was due to work.

Nearly 400 reports

The canal was dug between Almelo and Covorden between 2011 and 2016 to make it suitable for large ships. Early residents already reported a decline in 2013. Nearly 400 reports are written so far RTV East.

A number of residents no longer dare to live at home. The gas pipelines collapsed, among other things, in their homes. Many victims also suffer physical and physical complaints as a result of this relationship.

Regardless of the results of the studies, the county of Overijssel actually promised To help affected people. “If it was the government that caused the damage, he would of course be compensated. But we also want to offer a helping hand in case the damage was not caused by the government,” the responsible commissioner said.

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