A new challenge for Trump as the Republican nominee for the White House

With that, Tim Scott turns against Donald Trump, who is leading the polls among Republican voters.

Reporter Eric Mouton: “Trump already has four challengers. This indicates that there are many Republican voters who don’t want to go back to the Trump era and think it’s time for a new generation of leaders.”


Scott kicked off his campaign with a video message in which he portrayed himself as a loyal man standing up for left-leaning Democrats.

“Biden and the extremists on the left choose a culture of grievance over luxury, they promote revenge over self-reliance, and they convince our children that they live in a bad country.”

Watch his video message here:

Scott is the only black senator the Republicans have. The party has never nominated a person of color as an official presidential or vice presidential candidate.

Scott was a mother’s son, but managed to rise to become a powerful politician. “America is a land of opportunity, not oppression. I know that because I’ve experienced it myself.”

His campaign slogan is ‘Faith in America’, as he tries to bind hard-line Christian voters.


Many Republicans still don’t know exactly who Scott is, and he’s less than one percent in the polls. But that could change, says Mouthan.

“He still has time to build on his reputation. There will be televised debates in the fall, and Republicans will vote in primaries across the country until February of next year to determine who will be the Republican standard bearer. .”

Nearly half of Republicans are behind Trump. Second in the poll is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who clearly has presidential ambitions but has yet to announce his candidacy.

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Mouton thinks Scott is a fresh voice in the race for the nomination. “Both Trump and DeSantis are seen as negative, always talking about how bad things are with America. Even recently Trump said that America has gone to hell. So there is room for someone who speaks with confidence and is in a good mood.”

In the coming weeks, Scott will tour first-ballot states soliciting donations from supporters and conservative billionaires. He is expected to hold a ‘rally’ in the near future, during which he will utter the traditional words: “I am running for President of the United States”.

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